Interested in getting eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions, the trendy new way to enhance your natural eyelashes, have been a favourite to celebrities for many years now. These beauty besties are making their way to salons and day spas everywhere and have quickly become a popular investment to everyday women as well. And to make sure you are getting the most… Read More »

Are you considering eyelash extensions?

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are a great way to do something different on the face. The goal of the longer length lashes is to refresh the face. The change will be subtle, sexy, and youthful. Celebrities and models get eyelash extensions regularly to appear glamorous on screen. This glamorous beauty treatment is now available throughout… Read More »

Using an eyelash curler

Eyelash curlers are devices that are used to help give eyelashes a more curled appearance and to help your eyelashes to look longer and to create a lot of drama. Eyelash curlers are one of the most underused and underrated beauty devices that can really give a big impact to your eyes when used correctly.… Read More »

Supermodel eyelashes in minutes!

Every good make-up artist and professional model will always agree that perfectly groomed and curled lashes is an industry standard for making you look both more youthful and less tired. With great lashes you can look bright eyed and bushy tailed no matter how much jet setting you do or how many times a night… Read More »

Should you get eyelash implants?

After finding out what eyelash implants really are, many women often wonder if it is worth getting the eyelash implants. Some feel that it is much better than constantly having to put on false eyelashes overtime they want to go out. It is also a procedure that seems very natural. Usually those who go ahead… Read More »

Is It Safe to Dye Eyelashes?

There are a variety of reasons why a woman would want to dye her eyelashes. Some women have eyelashes that are naturally pale, while others may choose to change their eyelash colour to match a recent hair colour change. Although mascara can be used to darken eyelashes, it doesn’t always look natural and can clump… Read More »